QueensGate Security

Mobile Patrols

QueensGate Security Officers are trained to the highest of standards and include the specialist knowledge required to understand your particular risks. Their detailed function is carried out strictly in accordance with requirements in the security survey agreed with you.

Industrial, commercial and all other buildings need special and continuing care during the silent hours when you are not available. This is possible with irregular interval patrols by trained security guards 24 hours a day.

Their inspections are continuously monitored by a system of station points, together with tracking systems in every vehicle. Reports are checked daily by Area Management and copies can be sent monthly or at the client’s request. Our Security Officers are also subject to frequent inspection by Supervisors during their tour of duty throughout the day and night.

So we know and have the confidence that QueensGate Security is the only protection you need.

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Holiday Security

Going on holiday should be a peaceful bliss break you or your family should enjoy but unfortunately in the times we live this is not always the case and your home can be subject to intruders and unwanted guests.

Here at QueensGate Security we provide 24 hour security at your home, constant patrols and watches to give you peace of mind your home is safe and secure while you enjoy your much anticipated break away.